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HOT! VR BOX- VR Virtual 3D Glasses for 3.5" - 6.0" Price: $14.00CAD/ Piece -Min Quantity: 10 Pieces

Product Description
$140.00 CAD

Virtual Reality Glasses

Price:$14.00CAD/ Piece

Min  Quantity: 10 Pieces

Prices and Quantities are negotiable.



  • This VR BOX is made of ABS material and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental, lowering down the distortion to the minimum when magnifying the images and providing wider view; You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time because of the resin lens
  • The T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different people. Each strap has adjustable velcro to get a good fit. The eye opening is wide enough to be used with glasses. It can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when wearing it
  • It is perfect for people with myopia under 600 degreed. Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance (adjustable on pupil distance and object distance), satisfying different groups of people. - Optical Axis Sliding .You can get a viewing angle of between 70 to 80 degrees/ FOV by moving the button on the top of the VR BOX
  • The VR BOX has vents to reduce overheating of your phone. A sliding cover to allow the use of your phone camera, for augmented reality apps. Access to the charging port on the bottom of your phone. There's a slide out tray with a spring loaded slider that is adjustable to different phone widths. The unit comes with 3 foam pads to place on the tray. You should place these on the tray in an area that doesn't push your phone buttons
  • It is suitable for almost all kinds of smart phones (Android / IOS, etc) that screen size between 3.5~6.0 inches; Both sides holes of the 3D VR GLASSES is specially designed for the headset / data / charge cable, letting you charge your smart phone (Please don't charge your phone during enjoying movies)