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Nillkin Simplified Edition Energy Stone Wireless Charger For Cellphone

Product Description
$39.78 CAD
Brand Name: Nillkin
Type: Wireless Charger Simplifed Edition
Transmission Distance: ≤6mm
Input: 5V/ 2A
Output: 5V/ 1A
Charger efficiency: ≥70%
Weight: 86g
Package Size: 138mm x 64mm x 13mm

1. An intelligent wireless charger which built-in smart chip, QI automatically identification.
2. Selected stand design with unique mechanical structure which is easier to use.
3. Nillkin energy stone balanced design brings the high sense of touch and version experience.
4. LED light automatically reminds when charging, intelligent distinguish metal things for better avoid the potential hidden hazard.
5. Apply latest WPC QI standard wireless charging technology, fully enhanced the PCB, lower energy consumption, lower radiation, charge more effciency.
6. Import environmental PC material, exquisite workmanship.
7. It can offer you unbound life experience as well as free and safe experience of wireless charger.

Note: This wireless charger is built-in sigle-coil. On account of single coil internal structure, it will lead to a very small part devices will not charge normally when using the stand function.

Package Included:
1 x Nillkin Energy Stone Wireless Charger

More Details:

Vendor : BG4