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NW170 Solid Wood QI Wireless Charging Pad For Cellphone

Product Description
$21.38 CAD

1. Brand: NW
2. Model: NW170
3. Type:  Solid Wood Wireless Charging Pad.
4. Input: DC 5V 2A.
5. Output: DC 5V 1A.
6. Sizes: 85*12mm
7. Color: Red-brown, Brown, Dark brown.
8. Weight: 60g.


1. Made by solid Wood, make it look unique.
2. Compatible with QI standard devices.
3. Theoretically the output is 1A, the actual current should be based on the wireless receiver of your devices and the loss rate.

Package includes:

1*Solid Wood Wireless Charging Pad.

Note: This is a QI standard wireless charging pad. Please confirm your phone support QI standard. If not, you must buy a QI wireless charging receiver, we don't supply this.

Vendor : BG