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Xuenair Oil Wax Leather Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick For cellphone

Product Description
$32.55 CAD
Xuenair Selfie Stick
Xuenair wired selfie stick
Xuenair cable selfie stick
Xuenair wired selfie stick
Xuenair selfie stick
Xuenair cable self timer
Xuenair cable self timer
Xuenair cable self timer

Xuenair selfie stick is made of oil wax leather surface, with wireless bluetooth controlled, bringing convenience while operating and an elegant appearance. Its six stretch of the stick helps expand the view of your photo-taking.

Brand Name: Xuenair
Type: Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Material: Leather + Stainless steel pipe + ABS + Silicone
Weight: 128g
Bluetooth Version: BT2.0
Battery: 60mAh
Charging Time: 0.5 hours
Standby Time: about 3 days
Working Time: 20 hours
Charging Voltage: 5V
Input current: 120A
Longest pulling Length: 82cm
Shortest Lengh: 19cm
Color: Orange, Black
Compatible Model: For all brands of cellphone which Bluetooth version 2.0 or above

1. Wireless selfie stick, makes your photo taking convenient without bounding with any wires.
2. The high compatibility of cellphone with bluetooth version 2.0, directly using after connecting bluetooth devices.
3. It designed with six stretches of the stick, with longest pulling length up to 82cm.
4. Only 19cm long after folding, this selfie stick is small enough and convenient to take it in bag.
5. Xuenair slefie stick is made of oil wax leather on the hand-held, comfortable for using, makes it more excellent.
6. Adjustable holder with anti-slip pad on the top, it help your phone against falling down easily.
7. Xuenair bluetooth controlled selfie stick, it makes taking photo so easy.

Package Included:
1 x Xuenair Selfie Stick

Vendor : BG